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Have you ever wondered where you come from, the journey your Soul has taken, or which Star Families you are associated with?

A Galactic Astrology Soul Reading is a special session where I look at your direct star connections on your Birth Chart and look into the path of your incarnations in the cosmos. This is the Galactic perspective of your Soul's purpose.

We are all closely connected with the stars. From the moment we are born, we can see our role in the cosmic wheel of the universe. All creation is sacred. Our chart (natal birth chart) is our snapshot of our exact placement in the creation. What this means is that there are no random accidents in the universe and YOU are a perfectly designed being!

By looking at the key alignments in your natal chart, I can see to what other races, planets, and timelines you are having a connection with, also who your star families are.

What will I be looking for in a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading?

* Your Star Lines
I will be looking at all the different races you are directly associated with. Planets and galaxies in which you have incarnated and which can now guide you directly.

* Your Galactic History
During your Soul Journey you may have been involved in specific timelines or events. I will look at what timelines or universal wounds you can be called to heal in this lifetime.

* Primary Karma and Your Mission
Just as we have desires in this life, so does our soul for many lifetimes. I'll look at the primary roles you've played and see what lessons your soul chooses.

* Incarnations and Lives of the Earth
The Earth has been a gathering place for many starseeds. Each is here for a different purpose. Discover your purpose for being here, how many lives you have already had here and the level at which you resurfaced with your Soul's purpose.

Your Soul Essentials offers you 4 different possibilities in a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading (GASR). There are 3 options for a report and 1 option for a live zoom call. The options are explained in more detail for each level.

1) GA Soul Reading Soul

Price : €75,00

The galactic astrological report is approximately up to 20 pages long. It includes only data about your (soul) mission here on Earth.

2) GA Soul Reading Basic
Price : €125,00

The galactic astrological report is approximately up to 30 pages long. It includes data from your first galactic incarnation with your star family and it contains the data about your mission here on Earth.

3) GA Soul Reading Extra
Price : €200,00

This galactic astrological report is the most comprehensive report and is approximately up to 45 pages long. It contains all the information from 'Basic' and we go deeper into the relevance of your 'fixed star alignments' based on your astrological chart and your galactic connections of, among other things, your karma/dharma themes and what progression your soul has made.

4) GA Soul Reading All-in
Price : €350,00

This is a live 1-on-1 zoom call, in which we discuss all relevant information from the Basic and the Extra. This information has been further expanded with, among other things, information about your lives on earth, information about the basic colors of your soul and their meaning. After the zoom call you will receive a recording of the conversation and a brief overview of your galactic connections. 

How do you request a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading?

1) you send an email to with the following information:
- your full name
- your date of birth DD/MM/YYYY (birthday month spelled out)
- your exact birth time
- your place of birth & country
- a most recent photo of you with you alone
- if you take medication, please state your medication
- do you want to know if any existing complaints, discomforts or long-term health challenges have a possible connection with your galactic alignments? Then mention them.
- your intention of your application
- your email and phone number
- your desired GASR option

2) after I received your email, you will get a payment link (Paypal) for the option of your choice

after I received your full payment, we will make an appointment when to expect either the GASR report or the live zoom call

The galactic astrological report / zoom call will only be delivered when payment has been made in full. If you have any questions, you are always welcome.

Chante Ishta,

Of course I can be reached for questions at